The Grasping Robot Integration and Prototyping (GRIP) framework documentation

This is the starting point for the GRIP Documentation. The documentation is still in progress!


The Grasping Robot Integration & Prototyping (GRIP) framework is a robot-agnostic software that allows for visual programming and fast prototyping of robotic grasping and manipulation tasks. As any robotic use-case, grasping and manipulation require a multitude of components that need to be coordinated. However, integrating a new component in a new or existing pipeline is very challenging due to the variety of tools, format, language that are used in the literature. To tackle this problem, we developped a set of new interfaces which aim at easing the integration of external components while being able to use them when programming the robot. GRIP contains a GUI that we developped in order to guide users through all the steps from robot integration to task execution. This GUI comprises two mains parts: robot integration and task design/execution.

Demo videos

Videos of use cases implemented with GRIP are available here, here and here.

Source code

You can access GRIP’s source code here.

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